Silvia Nichita

The sage

  • 2. The sage

The sage is distinguished by his knowledge and wisdom, as well as his refined language. He is always searching for the truth. His goal is to know the world deeply and then share this awareness with others. Study and curiosity guide his every action.

This archetype is suitable for the media, news, universities and consultancy sectors.

Objectives: Seek the truth in all its forms and share it.

Strengths: Curiosity, precision, independence, balance.

Weaknesses: Fear of being deceived or misunderstood

Example of the essay archetype: Google with its old slogan, which it still retains in its code of conduct, underlines the importance of avoiding actions with negative impacts on society, users and moral issues. In October 2015, Google abandoned the motto “Don’t be evil” to adopt a new, slightly different motto: “Do the right think”, which conveys the same values, that is: do the right thing, respect users, not damage them.


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