Silvia Nichita

The rebel

  1. The rebel

This archetype disdains rules and everything that limits freedom of choice and action.

Unlike the explorer, the rebel is driven by anger, which partly determines his motivation to change what isn’t working. His every action is driven by a battle to wage or a revolution to carry forward. He can’t stand the status quo and conformity. His style is informal and determined.

The archetype is ideal in the automotive, alternative fashion and work tools sectors.

Objectives: Change what doesn’t work, even through revolutions.

Strengths: Independence, instinct, honesty.

Weaknesses: Conforming and being inefficient.

Example of the rebel archetype: In this Harley Davidson commercial the protagonist breaks away from every pattern and rebels against everyday life, which suffocates him. He runs away and lives on the streets, until he finds his inner child, his true deepest desires. The motorbike, which is only seen at the end, is the symbol of his freedom, achieved after the rebellion. The values ​​here are: freedom, fighting, independence.


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