Silvia Nichita

The magician

The magician is the archetype of transformation and power. His aim is to make dreams come true and bring magical moments to life through the renewal of everything around him. He is able to find scientific or supernatural solutions to create something from nothing, like an alchemist, a scientist, an engineer. His every action is guided by the desire to transform reality through the use of positive energies and stratagems.

He is the ideal archetype for the entertainment, beauty, wellness and health sectors.

Goals: realize the wishes of others

Strengths: charisma, innovation and charm

Weaknesses: He fears negative consequences

An example of the wizard archetype:
Disney makes everyone feel like children again in this commercial: it shows the magic that can be enjoyed in its theme parks, at any time of the day. The message that the company wants to convey is that in the Disney parks dreams come true, all our fantasies can come true. The values ​​transmitted are: transformation, enchantment, reassurance


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