Silvia Nichita

The innocent

1. The innocent

He has a positive and optimistic vision about life: he focuses on the safety and happiness of his loved ones. The values he firmly believes in are honesty and purity of mind, he does not experience negative or vindictive feelings. His communication is simple, positive and honest. Brands that choose this archetype focus on spreading a sense of security, inner beauty and purity. It is ideal for the cosmetics, health and cleaning sectors.

Objectives: Have a simple life, be free to express yourself and be yourself.

Strengths: Purity, altruism, optimism, honesty, simplicity.

Weaknesses: Fear that the world will take a negative direction, may feel fragile.

Example of the archetype of the innocent: Here Dove celebrates the beauty of every woman by exploring the perception that the protagonists of the campaign have of themselves. Innocence here is perceptible in the message that the campaign wants to convey: how our image changes when we look at ourselves, compared to when others look at us. The values conveyed are: optimism, simplicity, honesty.


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