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What can I do for you

Silvia Nichita

I can restore your photos, retouch them, create special photo compositions for you, or to promote your business.

I can create customized illustrations, drawing your idea, your logo or your product.

logo mio 3d con nome
Silvia Nichita

I can help to promote your business by creating business cards, coordinates, brochures, leaflets, menus, personalized calendars or anything else you have in mind.

I can create the cover for your magazine/book and also layout it.

Silvia Nichita
Silvia Nichita

I can design the advertising campaign for your product.

I can create the image of your product (packaging).

Silvia Nichita

Is pixel art and animation your industry? I’m here to give you a hand

Do you want a particular illustration, which is the result of the imagination but at the same time as realistic/futuristic as possible? I can intertwine artificial intelligence technology with my graphic knowledge and create innovative illustrations.

Silvia Nichita

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