Germoglio stilizzato che rappresenta la nascita dell'idea

At the beginning there is always an idea

At the beginning there is always an idea… mine, the moment I decided that working as an employee was no longer stimulating, was to restart from my passion and my skills, drawing on my knowledge in the world of photo editing (in which I worked as an employee) combined with the creativity that distinguishes me.

So I decided at the dawn of my 48 years to go back to studying to expand my skills, specializing in editorial and advertising graphic design, but for me it’s just a starting point, I don’t want to limit my curiosity and my hunger for knowledge.

The path has been psychologically and economically demanding, and looking back I can say that I have grown both professionally and internally in this last year, in this sense the fruits that I am starting to reap together with the satisfaction in giving vent to my creativity tell me that I am on the right track. street.

In the interview opposite there is the new and very excited me, at the beginning of the new path…

…and here I am, on my freelance adventure…

…to be continued